We get a lot of comments about our beautiful Doors. They are 9 foot tall and very impressive. They came off an old historic train depot in Lubbock TX. We were thrilled when we were given them! Just like everything else at Walnut Tree, The history behind the doors was very important to us. We could have easily purchased or built new doors, But repurposing and giving something a second life is important to us.

Not only are the doors beautiful, they have such a purpose. The Bride and her Father, or whoever is giving her away, stand behind the doors for about 5 minutes as all the family members and wedding party are escorted in. This allows them to have special time together privately, let’s face it, most of the wedding process is between mothers and daughters and sometimes the daddy’s get a little left out. We try really hard to make this day filled with special little moments for all the family members.

Now the big moment has arrived. The music begins to play, the guests stand, and the doors dramatically open. The Groom gasps as he sees his bride walking to him. It gets me every time. My very favorite part of every wedding is this moment. when the groom first sees her walking to him. Whether they have a first look or not, this is a dramatic, wonderful moment.

As the bride is walked down the aisle and presented to her groom, the symbolism of “the giving away” is so precious. It is very difficult for a little girls daddy to “give her away” and it takes a lot of trust. I love that the officiant asks “who gives this woman?” and waits for a response. Then this little girl is taken by the hand and given over to the man who will now be her leader, partner, helpmate, and life companion. WOW, very powerful.

So, you may just see doors when you look at these pictures of 2 old doors from Lubbock Texas, but I see the beginning of new life, hope, excitement, and joy.

Melissa Harris
Walnut Tree Weddings