As a wedding coordinator all sorts of things spring up and, of course, I happily take care of them. However, I have had 2 weddings this summer where a member of the groom’s party has had a MAJOR wardrobe disaster! Both of these disasters could have been avoided by simply trying on the clothing the day before the wedding. Instead, 2 hours before last weekends wedding the grooms frantically tells me that his best man’s pants don’t fit and will I please take care of it. I say “of course, I’ll be right there” I run and grab my needle and thread and go to the groom’s room. WOW…. 8 inches too short. What in the world am I supposed to do with that? I get on the phone and call the tuxedo rental store. I begged pleaded and begged some more. eventually, one of the gentlemen that worked there, took pity on me and said he would leave work and bring us another pair. Now please remember that we are 45 minutes away. By the time I finally convinced them to bring us a properly fitting pair of pants, it was 1 hour to wedding time. Holy cow, this wedding coordinator was sweating!! The sweet man arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Yes, the situation was taken care of and yes the wedding was beautiful and went off wonderfully. Praise The Lord!!!! The moral of this story is, try on your clothes and DO NOT wait until the last minute for ANYTHING!!!!